" There is only one Will Sully "

William M. Thomas III, recognized in the music industry as Will Sully, is a producer, engineer, rapper, and songwriter based out of Far Rockaway Queens, NY. Sully was turned onto music at an early age with his father as a multi-skilled musician. “I would study my father create, practice and rehearse music. When I got older, I fell in love with Hip Hop and wanted to deejay. Once my father brought home turntables there was no turning back.” Sully’s cousin, Leadgeon, was also a DJ and rapper as well as his friend Maine the Medicine. He recalls recording for the first time at a studio session with them and “after that the rest is history.” Sully went on to receive A’s in Music Fine Arts at Queensborough College and was active in the United States Army Band.

 “The love and discipline for music motivates me, I couldn't see life without creating.” 

Sully’s music career took off as producer and was discovered by June Balloon of Bad Boy, who remains a mentor. Sully landed his first production placement on one of Shyne’s album for the track titled “Martyr”, which received critically acclaimed accolades and certified by R.I.A.A. Since then, Sully has collaborated with Hip Hop pioneers and elites including Royal Flush, Fred the Godson, Mysonne, Chris Rivers, The Heatmakers, Mic Geronimo, TL Cross, and countless others. 

“I have a strong Hip Hop audience, the people who love my music are those who have a respect for lyricism and creativity. The difference between Will Sully and others is style, I create music from the first drum to the last.” 

When it comes to influences and music business, Sully credits research, and trial and error, along with like minded musicians who push the culture of Hip Hop forward. In fact, Sully’s extensive music catalog of 7 mixtapes, 2 full length albums, 1 instrumental album, 2 instrumental mixtapes, and 1 EP, has been featured on major media outlets such as This is 50, That’s Enuff, Urban Fuzz Factor, and On Smash. He has also been named a nominee for the Underground Music Awards. 

Currently, Will Sully is polishing up his next big project titled ‘13th Floor’, while taking in the success of his latest projects ‘Life After X’ and ‘Freebase’ which features Ali Vegas, Tragedy Khadafi, Maine The Medicine, Leadgeon, and Franchise Liaison. Both albums can be heard on FM, satellite, and internet radio worldwide. You can also catch Will Sully featured on Ali Vegas’ “Alilujah’ album produced by Sha Money XL.